David Wright

Founder & web developer @ Coder Studios London

London Based Laravel Web Developer

If you're looking for a London based PHP developer (especially using the PHP Laravel framework) to help with a Laravel/PHP project or looking for someone to take on, plan, manage and develop your product from an idea to reality, contact me at Coder Studios.

Frontend Development

Using the latest CSS and HTML techniques with our without templating engines like Blade or Twig and Javascript frameworks like JQuery and ReactJS.

Backend Development

Utilising the best PHP practices developing with the Laravel framework, contributing to open source projects and releasing open source packages for other developers to use. Currently working on a national donation platform perfecting user experiences, scalability, security and developing API's.

Over ten years web development experience with: Laravel, PHP, MySQL, MariaDB, MSSQL Debian, CentOS, Gluster, MariaDB, BIG-V, ReactJS, ES6, Webpack, SASS, node.js, Git, Jenkins, CSS, HTML5, API, Ajax, Oauth, Memcache, Redis